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Chengdu Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers Talk about Five Categories of Kitchen Equipment
Author: admin Published: 2019/12/17 15:00:58

Chengdu Saite Kitchenware Co., Ltd. is a large-scale hotel supplies supplier specializing in providing comprehensive supporting services for various hotel supplies, such as high- and low-star hotels, restaurants, mid-to-high-end restaurants, and high-end entertainment clubs across the country. 有哪些分类: Today I will take you to know what categories of Chengdu kitchen equipment are:

I. Cooker classification:

Stove equipment is indispensable in the catering industry, among which the more conventional ones include double-headed double-tailed small fried stoves, double-headed single-tailed small fried stoves, double-headed, single-headed low-boiler stoves, single-door steaming cabinets, seafood steaming cabinets, six-head Claypot stove and so on. For example, the restaurant has western dishes, and you need to use western grills such as flat grills and fryers .


Smoke extraction system:

China stipulates that smoke exhaust is an important project in the kitchen, so the oil fume generated in the kitchen must be discharged from the fume hood, and the oil fume must be purified to reduce pollution in the city. Therefore, the smoke exhaust system consists of auxiliary equipment such as low-noise air cabinets, oil fume purifiers, water fume hoods, and water fume control cabinets. The power of the air cabinet and the purifier should be calculated by the number of kitchen stoves, so as to keep the air in the kitchen fresh.


Third, conditioning equipment:

The main function of this device is cutting, storing, etc. of dishes, which are used in different areas.

Common names: Double-pass conditioning cabinet, double-layer workbench, sales desk, storage desk, etc. Because the equipment is made of stainless steel as a whole, it is easy to clean and beautiful.

Fourth, processing equipment:

The main machinery and equipment are: vegetable cutters, vegetable washing machines, meat cutters, noodle machines, mixers, noodle presses, bone saws, slicers, peelers, ovens, fermentation boxes, etc.

V. Refrigeration equipment:

The main function of refrigeration equipment is to preserve the vegetables and meat that have not been used for a longer time and make the food fresher. Equipment includes: freezer, cold storage, four-door freezer, fresh-keeping workbench, display cabinet, etc.

How much do you know about the above five categories of kitchen equipment? How much is used?

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