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Three safety precautions you should pay attention to when purchasing Chengdu kitchen equipment
Author: admin Published: 2019/11/26 8:59:58

选购的一些注意事项。 As the saying goes, food is the name of the day, delicious and clean food can bring us a beautiful mood, delicious food is prepared by ourselves in the kitchen, so the safety and mood of the cook depends on our kitchen equipment It ’s decided, today I will tell you about some precautions for purchasing kitchen equipment in Chengdu .

1. The environment of the kitchen, that is, the layout of the equipment, determines that safety factors must be fully considered when selecting kitchen equipment. The kitchen environment is relatively poor, and most kitchens inevitably have adverse effects on the equipment such as water, steam, gas and air humidity. Therefore, kitchen equipment should choose advanced equipment with waterproof, fireproof, high temperature resistance, and even anti-moisture interference and anti-erosion performance.


2. The safety of kitchen equipment should fully consider the safety of the chef operation under the premise of reliable equipment and stable quality. Kitchen equipment is no more than guest room and restaurant equipment, and most of the users are kitchen employees. Most of the kitchen employees are manual laborers, with high labor intensity, fierce work activities and great strength. Therefore, the kitchen equipment should be advanced in function, simple in operation, high in safety factor, and easy to be damaged in general operation.

3. Kitchen equipment should meet the requirements of hygiene and safety. Most kitchen equipment is in direct contact with food, and its hygiene and safety directly affect consumers' health. Therefore, the material of the equipment, the operation and use of the equipment must take into account that the food does not constitute direct or indirect contamination.

The above are some safety precautions that Xiao Bian brought to everyone today about the purchase of kitchen equipment. Have you learned? I wish you love food and life, healthy and happy every day!

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