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Do you know the installation order of Chengdu hotel kitchen equipment?
Author: admin Published: 2018/12/24 8:55:04

Chengdu hotel kitchen equipment is one of the indispensable and important products for hotels. There are a lot of particulars for installation. The use of hotel kitchen equipment is related to natural gas, electricity and the like, so special attention must be paid to the installation of kitchen equipment. How to install hotel kitchen equipment in order? The following Sate kitchenware will share with you one or two:

First, all the pipelines that should be buried should be completed, but the positioning of each pipeline, socket, sterilizer, pool, gas stove, water heater, and range hood should be designed before embedding, and the positioning should meet the installation requirements of subsequent equipment. Therefore, at this stage, the selection of all kitchen equipment and utensils should be basically determined;

Then it is to finish the decoration works such as the ceramic tile laying of the kitchen. At this stage, everything that does not affect the laying of the floor tiles can be constructed simultaneously. After the decoration project is completed, the equipment is installed. Generally, the hose part of the gas pipeline is first brought to the position of the gas stove, and then the installation of the pool is performed, and the others can be determined according to the actual situation of the site.

In addition to the correct and orderly installation of hotel kitchen equipment, we should also pay attention to the daily inspection of kitchen equipment, so as to ensure the safety of kitchen equipment:

First of all, regularly check whether the mechanical operation parts of the kitchen equipment have intact and reliable protective devices. Regularly check whether the mixing operation container is capped and sealed and the capping machine interlocking function is normal. At the same time, regularly check whether the PE (N) line is reliable and the power line is intact. Regularly check whether the individual control switch of each kitchen equipment is functioning normally. Regularly check whether the protective measures for the parts that may be crushed, twisted, pressed, squeezed, or cut are intact. Regularly check whether the connecting hose between the cooker and the gas cylinder meets the standard for safe use.

In addition, it is necessary to regularly check whether the functions of the maintenance exhaust and water supply and drainage systems are intact and free of defects, and that the kitchen stove and range hood are regularly cleaned without grease. Clean the flue of the kitchen regularly and check whether the fire blankets and fire fighting equipment near the stove are complete and can be used normally.

Wanting to have a good Chengdu hotel kitchen equipment is what everyone has always hoped for. Here, the editor of Sete Kitchenware recommends that users should install and formulate kitchen equipment in accordance with the actual situation of the enterprise, and also do daily inspection.

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