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Summary of common faults of range hoods in Sichuan kitchen equipment
Author: admin Published: 2018/10/31 14:14:12

Everyone at home is no stranger to the range hood. It is one of the kitchen equipment products that we must use in our daily life. The previous article introduced the precautions for choosing a range hood. Today we A new topic is to summarize the common faults of range hoods for you.

Fault one: The exhaust effect of the range hood becomes worse

1. The installation height of the range hood may be too high, and the distance from the cooker is generally 65cm-75cm. If the direction of the smoke outlet is wrong, there is a foreign object blocking the front; the installation position must be changed to avoid obstacles.

2. There is air leakage in the exhaust pipe interface, so the interface must be sealed.

3. The oil strainer is too oily and should be cleaned regularly. The range hood has not been cleaned for a long time, which causes too much dirty oil in the oil box, and it should be cleaned regularly.

Fault two: The range hood vibrates

1. The fixing screws are loose, such as motor end cover screws, impeller central shaft fastening rivets, etc., you need to tighten the screws or reinstall.

2. If the range hood is not installed horizontally to make it vibrate, the hood needs to be leveled and fastened.

3. The impeller is not installed properly or the deformation of the impeller is damaged and the balance is lost, which results in vibration. You need to re-install the impeller.

4. When foreign objects enter the air duct, the foreign objects should be removed to ensure the air duct is clean.


Fault three: abnormal sound or loud noise during operation

Improper assembly causes the wind blades to loosen and touches the wind deflector to produce abnormal sounds. Reassemble correctly. The deformation of the wind blade is unbalanced. Correct the wind blade and adjust the dynamic and static balance of the wind blade. The design of the air outlet pipe is unreasonable. The air outlet pipe should have as few turns as possible, and the turns should be large and round.

Fault 4: Oil leaks from range hood

Improper installation, insufficient elevation angle, reinstall it to maintain a certain elevation angle, so that the sucked oil will flow down the oil cup smoothly; or add a filter at the air outlet and have a certain angle, so that the oil droplets drop under the action of surface tension Can't come down; Seal strips fail for a long time, add rubber or foam plastic strips to the seals to compress the parts to improve the sealing level; do not clean up regularly, you should always remove the grease in the oil cup and clean the filters and pipes to avoid Smoke and grease spilled.

Fault five: No response from the range hood

The plug is not in good contact with the socket. Repair the plug, socket or replace it. The fuse on the power board is broken; the fuse must be replaced. Due to a circuit problem, the range hood switch has poor contact or is damaged. You must repair and replace the electrical connection wires or terminals in the electronic switch machine. The power cord is disconnected or the interface is loose. The power cord must be replaced or connected.

The above five common range hood failures will be shared and summarized here for your reference. I hope it can help you. In the future, you can find illnesses when you encounter these failures. Select Sichuan kitchen equipment. Welcome to contact Set kitchenware.

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