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Briefly describe the materials used for kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils?
Author: admin Published: 2018/5/29 16:02:38

的材质很纠结,到底要选择什么样的材质才经久耐用呢? Many people are very entangled with the material of kitchen equipment . What kind of material should be selected to be durable? Here, the editor reminds everyone that the material cannot be selected blindly. The material is different, the price is different, and the corresponding properties are completely different. So you can take a look at this article first.

The following analysis of three kitchen equipment materials:

Stainless steel kitchenware: Stainless steel kitchenware is admired by modern people and is increasingly used in the catering industry, not only because it is not easy to rust, stainless steel kitchenware also has many other advantages, such as fast heat conduction, high cooking efficiency; not easy Worn; diverse shapes and functions, suitable for the development needs of modern catering industry; In addition, from a health perspective, stainless steel kitchen utensils are also more stable than aluminum kitchen utensils, and more conducive to human health.

Wooden kitchen utensils: Wooden kitchen utensils have the advantages of good thermal insulation, not easy to hurt their hands, relatively soft materials, and do not damage the surface of the pot, etc. However, wooden kitchen utensils also have their unavoidable disadvantages, such as prone to bacteria on long-term use and quality Bad wooden kitchen utensils are easily damaged; even after slight damage, the surface is not smooth enough, so it is difficult to clean.

Aluminum kitchenware: Before the popularization of stainless steel kitchen equipment and kitchenware, aluminum kitchenware was once the mainstream of kitchen equipment in the market. Most of its advantages are similar to stainless steel kitchens, but recent scientific research has found that aluminum ions in aluminum kitchenware cannot hold strong acid or alkaline foods. They also dissolve during normal cooking, boiling water, and soup. Less aluminum ions. And aluminum ions can accelerate the aging of the human body, and even cause dementia. Therefore, the long-term use of aluminum kitchen utensils is self-evident.

Summary: Some kitchen equipment is cheap, but some kitchen equipment is expensive. This is the effect of receiving different materials, so we must not ignore the problem of materials.

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