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What are the disinfection methods of Yibin kitchen equipment disinfection cabinet?
Author: admin Published: 2017/10/18 9:02:06

Today, I will introduce to you several types of disinfection methods for Yibin kitchen equipment disinfection cabinets. Specifically explain the following three:

Far infrared ozone disinfection cabinet

Simple structure and low price, often used in small restaurant kitchen. Disadvantages: The surface temperature of the electric far-infrared tube is high, and the tableware in the vicinity of the far-infrared tube has a better disinfection effect, and sometimes it can be burnt out. There is no forced air circulation equipment in the cabinet, and the ozone concentration in the cabinet is not consistent.

2. Disinfection with high temperature and steam


The method is simple. It can be sterilized by using the hot pot, steamer and hot water to reduce equipment investment. However, the disadvantage is that the temperature is difficult to reach 100 degrees under normal pressure, the disinfection effect is not good, and the energy cost is gradually increasing This method is less commonly used.

3. Hot air circulation tableware disinfection cabinet

It is a more advanced and commonly used disinfection cabinet. It uses PTC electric heating originals as heaters. Through forced circulation facilities, it evenly sends hot air to various areas and reaches preset temperature after several cycles of disinfection. Function, so it can be used for a long time will not be broken; In addition, you can choose the appropriate disinfection temperature according to different material tableware, which can be applied to various types of tableware.

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