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What are the advantages of Sete kitchenware seafood steamer wholesale products
Author: admin Published: 2017/2/24 10:44:31

90% 以上,提高出品率,那么赛特厨具的 海鲜蒸柜批发产品有哪些优势? The seafood steaming cabinet uses the electromagnetic eddy current induction principle to heat the cooking utensils. The heating speed is fast, and the thermal efficiency is more than 90% , which improves the production rate. So what are the advantages of Sete's seafood steaming cabinet wholesale products?


1. Easy maintenance and long service life: automatic descaling, automatic drainage, complete scaling and burning of pipes, especially suitable for use in areas with hard water quality;

2. Low-voltage short-range control, magnetic induction control technology, multiple automatic protection functions such as automatic water inlet, water shortage and power failure, leakage prevention, and leakage prevention

3 , three gear power adjustment function, when only using one layer of space, you can switch to low power gear, it really saves you money.

4. Fast steaming, strong steam explosion, fast steaming seafood;


, 主营四川厨房设备 , 成都厨房设备 , 可免费为客户提供厨房工程安装指导,欢迎您来电咨询Set kitchenware is Sichuan Kitchen Equipment Co. , Ltd. , which specializes in Sichuan kitchen equipment and Chengdu kitchen equipment . It can provide customers with kitchen engineering installation instructions for free. Welcome to inquire .

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