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Coupling of freezer cleaning in Sichuan stainless steel kitchenware factory
Author: admin Published: 2016/9/2 16:41:59

In today's life, commercial refrigerators are increasingly used in hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Sichuan Stainless Steel Kitchenware Factory has long-term research and development and design of commercial refrigerators, and can customize the refrigerator according to customer needs. We often receive customer inquiries about the cleaning of refrigerators, so today the editor of Sichuan Stainless Steel Kitchenware Factory will focus on you. Freezer cleaning knowledge.


Cleaning of drawers in commercial refrigerators

Removable shelves and drawers inside commercial refrigerators can be washed with water. When cleaning the surface of the freezer body and the door seal, first pull out the power plug, wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in warm water or soapy water, and finally wipe it with water and dry it. Do not wash the inside and outside of the freezer with water to avoid leakage or malfunction.

Cleaning the sealing strips of commercial refrigerators

The inside of commercial refrigerators is cleaned, and the stains on the magnetic strips of the door seals must be wiped off as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will accelerate the aging of the door seals and affect the sealing performance of the door. Lower door seals are more susceptible to contamination and should be checked frequently.

Compressor cleaning for commercial refrigerators

Clean commercial refrigerators. The back of the refrigerator includes the surface of the condenser and compressor. Do not wipe with water. Remove dust with a brush to ensure good heat dissipation. When cleaning, do not use strong corrosive liquids such as alcohol, gasoline, washing powder, and acid solutions.

Fourth, the defrost work of commercial freezer

After working for a period of time in commercial refrigerators, a layer of frost will form on the surface of the evaporator in the box. If the thickness of the frost layer exceeds 6 mm, it will cause the cooling effect to decrease, increase power consumption, and shorten the life of the refrigerator. When defrosting, use a wet soft towel to wipe the frosty area repeatedly. You can also use a professional deicing shovel to shovel the frost and dry the water in the freezer.

In order to solve the problem of defrosting difficulties, Sichuan Stainless Steel Kitchenware Factory has professionally developed the latest version of commercial freezer with automatic defrosting function to help you easily solve the problem of defrosting for freezer.

Sichuan Stainless Steel Kitchenware Factory has been continuously innovating and developing new products for ten years. We hope to provide you with the highest quality products and the most perfect service.


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