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Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers teach you the safe use of hotel kitchen equipment
Author: admin Published: 2016/7/28 14:20:04

As a professional Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturer, Dorset Kitchenware has rich experience in the installation and use of hotel kitchen equipment. The following Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers will teach you some commonly used kitchenware safety knowledge:


First, the gas fuel pipes and valves in the kitchen must be checked regularly to prevent leakage. If you find a gas fuel leak, you should first close the valve and open the window. It is also strictly prohibited to use all open flames. Remember not to start the power switch.

Second, the gas cylinders in the kitchen should be managed together, away from high-temperature surfaces such as open flames, to prevent the cylinders from exploding due to excessive temperature, which will cause the leakage of combustible gases and eventually cause a fire. All stoves in the kitchen should be installed on non-combustible materials, and keep a sufficient distance from combustibles to prevent burning of combustibles.

3. When frying food, the oil in the pan should not exceed two thirds of the pan, and pay attention to prevent water droplets and debris from falling into the pan at any time, so that the cooking oil overflows too much and catches fire. When the oil pan is heated, it is best to use warm fire to prevent the fire from becoming too hot or the oil temperature being too high.

Fourth, the walls next to the kitchen stove, the fume hood and other easily polluted places should be cleaned every day. The fume pipes can be cleaned at least once every six months.

Fifth, the electrical appliances in the kitchen should be laid in strict accordance with national technical specifications, and the phenomenon of "aluminum instead of copper" is strictly prohibited. In the kitchen, electrical wiring should be laid with insulated wires through hard PVC plastic pipes or steel pipes for light and dark laying. When the nozzle is connected between the pipe and the pipe, and the pipe is connected with other accessories, appropriate fire prevention measures should be taken, or porcelain bottles should be used for laying the wire Lead wire and plastic sheath line are provided.

Electrical appliances such as electrical switches or sockets used in the kitchen should be in a closed form to prevent water from penetrating from the outside, and should be installed away from gas or liquefied gas cookers to prevent sparks from leaking when the gas is turned on. Burn with liquefied gas. Various machinery and equipment running in the hotel kitchen must not be overloaded with electricity, and hotel personnel must always pay attention to prevent electrical equipment and wiring from getting wet during use.

6. For various cooking utensils used in the kitchen, products provided by regular stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers should be selected and used in strict accordance with regulations to prevent accidents.

7. The kitchen should be equipped with fire blankets to extinguish all types of oil pan fires. The kitchen should also be equipped with a certain amount of ABC dry powder annico hotel kitchen high-power induction cooker firearm facilities in case of emergency.

8. The operator should close all gas and fuel valves in time and cut off the gas and fire sources before leaving.

9. Before the market is closed, notify the Ministry of Security to conduct a fire safety inspection before market close.

10. Strictly abide by the hotel fire safety management regulations. Hotel kitchen staff should operate stoves and other equipment in accordance with operating procedures. If a fire, disability, or other safety incident occurs within the department, verbal warnings, written warnings, final warnings, and dismissal will be dealt with separately according to the severity of the situation. In the event of a vicious accident, the parties to the accident and the responsible person will be dealt with seriously. s right.

11. If there is no responsible accident in this department within one year, the hotel can give corresponding rewards according to the actual situation.

Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers remind everyone that for the hotel industry, safety knowledge of kitchen equipment is very important, and every worker should take safety as the first principle in his work.


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