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Do you know that it is feasible to change a gas stove to a gas stove?
Author: admin Published: 2016/2/18 15:21:52

When natural gas was not popular in the past, most of them used liquefied gas. Now almost every household uses natural gas. Is it feasible to change liquefied gas stoves to natural gas stoves? Chengdu kitchen equipment takes you to analyze.

After changing the gas type, it is urgent to change the stove, because there are some differences between the different cooking stoves. If you use the liquefied gas stove to burn natural gas, there are many safety risks. If you do not want to change the stove, you can modify it. From a technical point of view, the natural gas stove for liquefied gas stoves is achievable. Of course, Xiaobian does not recommend consumers to modify the stoves by themselves. Therefore, there are many potential safety hazards caused by the modification. , Gas combustion does not produce carbon monoxide, etc. If it is necessary to change it, it is best to ask the manufacturer of the cooker to see if it can be modified, and then ask professionals to modify it.


Natural gas and liquefied gas are two kinds of gas with different properties, and their calorific value, flame propagation speed, gas supply pressure, composition, etc. are quite different. Natural gas is generally dry gas, mainly composed of methane, and basically contains no impurities. The calorific value is high, the flame propagation speed is slow, and the transmission pressure is high. The liquefied gas is a mixture of multiple gases, containing impurities such as water, oil and dust, ammonium naphthalene, hydrogen sulfide, and has a low delivery pressure.

In terms of combustion characteristics, natural gas and liquefied gas are not interchangeable. Therefore, when gas is converted to natural gas, the original stoves, appliances, meters, and transmission and distribution networks must be replaced or modified. Among them, liquefied gas stoves should be transformed or modified. It is updated to a natural gas stove, and the domestic stove is converted into a natural gas stove by replacing the nozzle and the fire hole cover.

Generally, the pressure of natural gas is 2000P, the pressure of liquefied gas is 2800p, the pressure of natural gas stove is small, the nozzle is large, its nozzle diameter is 1.2mm, the pressure of liquefied gas stove is large, and the nozzle is small, its diameter is 0.8mm. To transform into a natural gas stove, you only need to increase the diameter of the gas nozzle and change the fire cover.

Everyone should understand that liquefied gas stoves can be modified by natural gas stoves, but in the transformation, you must find professional personnel to do the transformation, you must not do it yourself. For more exciting content, please continue to pay attention to us.


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