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Talking about the Induction Cooker Maintenance Methods and Skills in Sichuan Kitchen Equipment
Author: admin Published: 2016/2/16 16:28:38

Many families have prepared an induction cooker for convenience, but if the induction cooker suddenly has this or that problem, is it anxious? Today, Sichuan kitchen equipment will teach you some maintenance methods and skills.

Induction cooker repair techniques are revealed, many people will be troubled by the sudden failure of the induction cooker when they are not using it, and they do not know how to repair Master Zhao. It is troublesome and troublesome. Now you can stop worrying about it. Benefits come. Learn the maintenance methods and skills of induction cookers.

Common faults I. The function is disordered, and there is no response when the power button is pressed.

This type of fault is best repaired, usually the keys are broken, or the keypad is dirty and leaking electricity. Changing the keys or cleaning the keypad can solve this kind of problem.

Common faults 2. No heating or intermittent heating.

Repairing this type of failure is a test of our patience. First of all, it is necessary to perform temperature detection resistors, synchronous oscillation circuits, IGBT drives, IGBT C extremely high voltage protection circuits, current detection circuits, PWM modulation circuits, and CPU circuits are all likely to be related to such failures. Seems a little stumbling to us non-professionals.

Common faults 3. The fan does not work.

Unplug the fan FAN power strip and check whether there is 12V power supply. If so, the fan motor is broken. The FAN plug-in strip has no 12V voltage, and drives the Q703 emitter of the transistor to breakdown. Replace it with Q703 and troubleshoot. The fan motor and Q703 are not broken. The integrated circuit block IC4 is broken. Replace the IC4 integrated block and the fault is removed.

Common faults 4. The panel light keeps flashing after power on.

The most likely cause of this failure is that the crystal oscillator is damaged, causing the CPU central processing unit to have no clock frequency input, thereby causing the entire IC1 central processing unit to get out of control. We just need to replace it with a new crystal and troubleshoot.

Of course, the problem of the induction cooker is not just these points, there may be other problems. Our company will not introduce them one by one here. If you have any questions, you can communicate online or call our service hotline. Our company is wholehearted. at your service.

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