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  • Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers teach you the safe use of hotel kitchen equipment

    As a professional Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturer, Saite Kitchenware has rich experience in the installation and use of hotel kitchen equipment. The following Sichuan stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers will teach you some common safety knowledge of kitchenware. Pipes and valves must be inspected regularly to prevent leakage. If you find a gas fuel leak, you should first close the valve and open the window. It is also strictly prohibited to use all open flames. Remember not to start the power switch. Second, the gas cylinders in the kitchen should be managed together, away from high-temperature surfaces such as open flames, to prevent the cylinders from exploding due to excessive temperature ...

  • Do you know that it is feasible to change a gas stove to a gas stove?

    When natural gas was not popular in the past, most of them used liquefied gas. Now almost every household uses natural gas. Is it feasible to change liquefied gas stoves to natural gas stoves? Chengdu kitchen equipment takes you to analyze. After changing the gas type, it is urgent to change the stove, because there are some differences between the different cooking stoves. If you use the liquefied gas stove to burn natural gas, there are many safety risks. If you do not want to change the stove, you can modify it. From a technical point of view, the natural gas stove for liquefied gas stoves is achievable. Of course, Xiaobian does not recommend consumers to modify the stoves by themselves, so self-remodeling will have a lot of safety ...

  • Chengdu kitchen equipment summarizes fire prevention measures for catering establishments

    Because there are more fire equipment in the kitchen, everyone must make fire prevention measures. 1. Strengthen fire training and implement fire management Fire departments must implement training management on catering establishments, and organize the principals of catering establishments to conduct fire safety training. At the same time, a fire safety responsibility coordination system must be established in catering establishments. 2. Formulate national regulations to formally and orderly guide methanol as a new fuel, which has advantages such as low price, high combustion value, and low pollution. LPG is unmatched. At the same time, as related kitchens have not yet been formulated ...

  • Beware of fire hazards using methanol fuel stoves

    In some large-scale catering establishments, there are more kitchen equipment that requires more gas. We must pay attention to setting fire at this time. Today Chengdu kitchen equipment takes everyone to take a look at the fire danger of using methanol fuel stoves in catering establishments. 1. Fire safety responsibilities are unknown. Food safety in restaurants with low safety consciousness should ensure fire safety. The clear division of fire responsibilities and the improvement of employees' fire safety awareness are particularly important. Most kitchen employees are highly mobile, lack the necessary fire safety knowledge, and have no concept of fire safety. They always think that fire fighting is a matter for the fire brigade, and the loss of the fire is the owner of the restaurant.

  • Talking about the Induction Cooker Maintenance Methods and Skills in Sichuan Kitchen Equipment

    Many families have prepared an induction cooker for convenience, but if the induction cooker suddenly has this or that problem, is it anxious? Today, Sichuan kitchen equipment will teach you some maintenance methods and skills. Induction cooker repair techniques are revealed, many people will be troubled by the sudden failure of the induction cooker when they are not using it, and they do not know how to repair Master Zhao. It is troublesome and troublesome. Now you can stop worrying about it. Benefits come. Learn the maintenance methods and skills of induction cookers. Common faults I. The function is disordered, and there is no response when the power button is pressed. This kind of fault is best to repair, usually the button is broken ...

  • How should open kitchens solve the problem of soot fume?

    Nowadays, with the improvement of life, many home kitchens have the same style as Europe and the United States. They are open kitchens. The big problem in the kitchen is oil fume. So how should open kitchens solve the problem of oil fume dispersion? Chengdu hotel equipment manufacturers take everyone to take a look. Many people want both the open function of the kitchen and the oil fume, so it is best to use glass walls to handle it. This is both transparent and isolated, and very soundproof. Noise in the kitchen cannot be heard outside. The most important thing to do for a glass wall is to find a glass-inlaid structure. At present, there are stainless steel and wood on the market, and the price varies greatly. If you choose to push and pull ...

  • Do you know how to refine the selling points of energy-saving steam cabinets?

    How much a product is sold, we must take a good look at his selling point. Generally speaking, the selling point of the product is the characteristics of the product. Chengdu Hotel Equipment Customization Company will take you to see where the selling point of the energy-saving steaming cabinet is today? The unique feature of a product is what we usually call the selling point. Some people say that the selling point of energy-saving steaming cabinets is naturally energy saving. Yes, the selling point of energy-saving steaming cabinets is mainly energy saving. Keywords, but now that there are so many energy-saving products, people may not buy your selling point, so we need to refine its selling point in more detail. Let's be ...

  • Beautiful meals can affect your health

    There is such a sentence, the more beautiful things are the more harmful, and the tableware is also the same. Sichuan kitchen equipment will show you which tableware may affect your health. 1. Chopsticks: Do not favor paint. The more natural the chopsticks, the better the health threat: Painted chopsticks are beautiful, durable and easy to wash. However, paint contains harmful substances such as lead and cadmium. Among them, benzene is a recognized carcinogen. Color If the chopsticks that are too deep or the paint is too heavy are used for a long time, the heavy metals and harmful organic solvents in the paint will cause chronic damage to people. Health advice: Choose chopsticks as much as possible without painting. In addition, buy more chopsticks home ...

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