Chengdu Saite Kitchenware Co., Ltd.'s statement on agreeing to the full text of the "Environmental Protection and Acceptance Monitoring Report for Completion of Stainless Steel Processing Projects (Wastewater, Waste Gas)"
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Chengdu Saite Kitchenware Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, with a registered capital of 10.88 million yuan. It is a large hotel specializing in providing comprehensive supporting services for various hotel supplies, including high- and low-star hotels, restaurants, high-end restaurants, and high-end entertainment clubs across the country. Supplies supplier. After years of development, branches have been established in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shaanxi. The company has a sound system including production department, professional procurement department, new product research and development department, sales department and after-sales service.

We always adhere to customer orientation and customer demand as the basis, and constantly develop new products to meet market demand. In order to reduce customer procurement costs, the company has cooperated with well-known domestic and foreign kitchenware, ceramics, tableware, glass products, kitchen supplies, stainless steel Manufacturers of products, linen and bedding have established long-term cooperative relationships. In addition, relying on its good business philosophy and brand reputation guarantee, the company has received the strong support of thousands of hotel supplies manufacturers at home and abroad, and has obtained a number of international brand-name products at home and abroad to authorize mainland China sales qualifications. One-stop purchasing center for a full range of professional hotels.

At present, the company has gathered elite professionals, established a cohesive team and a perfect after-sales service system. Sete regards product quality as the life of the company, and has passed IS09001; 2000 quality system certification, and has won praises from customers and industries. Management authority certification.

Facing the new era, Sete will adhere to the service tenet of “reducing costs and improving efficiency”, continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of unity, pioneering and innovative, down-to-earth, and strive for excellence. Sete looks forward to working with old and new friends Cast brilliant.

Corporate goals: To make environmental protection enterprises bigger and stronger, to serve more customers, and to create a new industry with high standards of green and healthy living.

Entrepreneurial spirit: honesty, innovation, continuous improvement and service to the society.

Enterprise tenet: Complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development.

Corporate mission: to convey environmental protection awareness, serve a healthy life, and do business with love.

Business philosophy: Pursue technological leadership, create quality services, achieve customer satisfaction, and promote win-win cooperation.

Business policy: Create brands for enterprises, create opportunities for employees, create health for customers, and create benefits for society.

Product policy: Optimize product quality, strengthen technological innovation, enhance competitive advantage, and meet customer requirements.

Service concept: Attentive, patient and attentive; wholehearted, service-oriented, customer satisfaction.

Service tenet: Standardized construction, refined service, and create a healthy living space for customers.

Concept of talents: Let the seas and rivers flow and let the dragons take off;

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